Our brain works thanks to its prediction capabilities

Neuroscientists have developed artificial neural networks to study this phenomenon: it is the prediction capabilities that make our brain work The human brain is one of the most fascinating subjects of study for scientists, fake news aside. And some elements of its functioning still remain unknown, despite recent and very “peculiar” studies. For example, it … Read more

How to password protect a USB flash drive

Do you store important information on your USB flash drive? Here’s how to protect it by putting a password and encrypting its contents With time, as the size of their memory and storage options have grown, so has the importance of USB flash drives. Now able to rival external hard drives in terms of capacity, … Read more

Twitter, coming feature to edit posts

The microblogging would be ready to introduce the new feature that will allow users to change their tweets. The timing, however, will not be so immediate A real plebiscite has clamored to make Twitter posts editable. A request that the CEO of microblogging Jack Dorsey apparently would be ready to accept. The feature, however, in … Read more