What is the smishing scam and how to defend yourself

Smishing is a particular type of phishing attack that targets Post Office and Bank users. Here’s how to defend yourself Every medium is good for a phishing attack to steal access credentials to users’ online accounts. Even the good old SMS message can be used for the so-called “smishing scam”. This type of scam is … Read more

Samsung’s new chip promises sparks with video games

The next chip from Samsung, the Exynos 2200, has been spotted on the net once again: as happened on other occasions, it shows how powerful it is once again The next chip for smartphones and tablets from Samsung has been “spotted” on the net several times, and also in the past has given little evidence … Read more

Windows 10 Mobile, important news arrive for users

The mobile operating system developed by Microsoft is ready to release important news regarding the user interface Despite the little success in the world market (with a market share that has never exceeded 10%), Microsoft still believes in the Windows 10 Mobile project and is ready to release important news for its operating system for … Read more

IPhone 12 Pro Max sarà l’unico ad avere il 5G “veloce”

Nuove indiscrezioni confermano che non tutti i modelli di iPhone 12 saranno in grado di connettersi alle reti 5G alla massima velocità possibile Nuovi rumor confermano che l’iPhone 12 sarà il primo smartphone 5G di Apple, ma che non tutti i modelli saranno compatibili con le onde “mmWave“, dette anche onde “millimetriche“. In altre parole … Read more

MediaTek launches a new chip for mid-range tablets: Kompanio 900T

MediaTek presents yet another chip in just a few days: it’s designed to give the best on mid-range tablets, but it has many first-class aspects This is a period of great activity and also of great satisfaction for MediaTek. The Taiwanese company, after a period in mute, has come back to the fore not only … Read more