Xiaomi CyberDog è il cane robot low cost che ti ascolta sempre

Il colosso cinese fa il suo primo passo nella robotica con un drone consumer a forma di cane: è pieno di sensori, è intelligentissimo e può fare di tutto. Negli ultimi anni Xiaomi è cresciuta in modo incredibile, arrivando sul tetto dell’Olimpo dei costruttori di smartphone. Ma non solo: la casa cinese, tramite una marea … Read more

How to turn your iPhone into a security camera

It takes very little to convert an old Applephone into a home (and free) security device. Here are the best options available Use your iPhone as a security camera, is it possible? Put like that, it sounds like heresy. Why use an expensive iPhone as a simple surveillance device? Because, maybe, you just bought a … Read more

Nokia 10, coming with a five-lens photo compartment

In the plans of the Finnish company there is also the release of the Nokia 10, a top-of-the-line smartphone that will see the light after the summer Nokia and HMD Global are working on smartphones to be released in 2018. After the “debut” last year at Mobile World Congress 2017, the two companies are ready … Read more

What are fonts and how to install them on PCs and Macs

Better known as the fonts used in Word and graphics programs, they can be installed on Windows or Mac PCs in a simple way Although we use them daily, we know very little about them and the history – more than a hundred years old – that accompanies them. Although we consider them a purely … Read more