Facebook and Instagram may sell your photos and posts to brands

Facebook may soon intercept brand names inside photos posted by users. Here’s how it will use these materials Could Facebook and Instagram be selling users’ photos to brands? According to some rumors, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has acquired a patent developed precisely with that intent. In the document there are several references to the strategy … Read more

In Stranger Things 4 there is Freddie Krueger

During Tudum, the face of the new Stranger Things villain was revealed: welcome to the home of Victor Creel, played by Robert Englund The Netflix international live event, Tudum, was held on September 25 and, as many predicted and hoped, it revealed a lot of news. For fans of Stranger Things, one of the platform’s … Read more

The best password managers to secure your data

Managing your account passwords is not a simple task, using a good password manager where you can record your access keys is the best choice A password for Facebook, another for Twitter, an access key for Dropbox and for your email account. Every day we are “forced” to enter dozens and dozens of passwords to … Read more