Cobra Kai, what the most watched TV series on Netflix is about

The Karate Kid sequel wins over audiences on the streaming platform. Here’s what it’s about, who we find in the cast and how to watch the series on Netflix Cobra Kai is one of the most viewed TV series on Netflix in the last week. It occupies the first position of the Top 10, defeating … Read more

Redmi Note 8, the low-cost smartphone will have four cameras

The Redmi Note 8 will be presented on August 29. On board will be the new MediaTek G90T processor: here’s what it will look like It’s just over a week until the event for the official launch of the new Redmi Note 8 scheduled for next August 29. The new Chinese low-cost smartphone focuses everything … Read more

How to start a conversation on Tinder

In this article, we’ll explain how Tinder Chat works and how to message so you don’t get mundane, but make yourself interesting. Find out how to do it here! Dating apps are becoming more and more popular in a society where meeting new people is increasingly difficult. You work all day, you come home tired … Read more

EChampions League, the Champions Cup is played on PS4 with FIFA 19

From the beginning of March 2019, the first edition of eChampions League, a Champions League tournament to be played with Fifa 2019 and PlayStation 4, will kick off. How it works At the beginning of the year, ahead of the launch of Fifa 19, Electronic Arts made an agreement with UEFA to be able to … Read more

The Indonesian island where the next launches to space could start

On an Indonesian island there is a legal battle between the central government and the Abrauw tribe: the next launches to space could start from there, but someone doesn’t want them There are some areas of the Earth from which it is easier to launch rockets into space: they are those along the Equator line, … Read more