MIT, wearable devices and IoT improve industrial safety

Some prototypes made by MIT will allow workers at various companies to perform their tasks without putting their lives at risk The Internet of Things within the industrial sector may soon be called IoP, or Internet of Prototypes. Industry 4.0, in fact, is leading to the design of increasingly high-performance connected objects, some even wearable, … Read more

WhatsApp app on Windows 10, video calls also possible

WhatsApp is working to make a new application for WIndows 10 that will allow users to chat comfortably and also make video calls While we are at work in the office or when we are at the computer at home most of us prefer to continue chatting on WhatsApp using the PC, insteadĀ of having to … Read more

Google, Andromeda will be the operating system of the future

Hybrid between Android and Chrome OS, it will be installed on tablets and PCs produced by the Mountain View company. Also ready to debut Pixel 3, an ultra thin tablet With an indiscretion launched on social networks by an anonymous source has been made official the existence of Andromeda, the new operating system developed by … Read more

Hard drives? No, in the future we will store data in DNA

Some researchers have translated the binary code of digital information into the letters A, C, G and T that make up DNA It is certainly not news that DNA is capable of containing information about the genetic history of every living being. Imagine if other data could be stored in deoxyribonucleic acid: a movie, a … Read more

Redmi Note 7 official: how is the new Chinese low-cost smartphone

Xiaomi launches the Redmi Note 7 and makes official the birth of the new brand “Redmi”. The smartphone has the Snapdragon 660 with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage After the anticipations of the previous days, Xiaomi has officially presented the Redmi Note 7, the new low-cost smartphone of the Chinese company. During … Read more