Smartphone Android: il nuovo rischio è la rete Matrioska

C’è una nuova minaccia per i dispositivi Android: la rete Matryosh che si nasconde nel Dark Web e che può sfruttare i dispositivi per attaccare i siti Web. Tutti i dispositivi Android, smartphone e non solo, possono essere attaccati sfruttando l’interfaccia ADB: Android Debug Bridge. Lo si sa da tempo e in passato ci sono … Read more

WhatsApp, it will be possible to use the same account on multiple devices

WhatsApp is developing a new cross-platform system that allows you to use the same account on different devices. Here’s how it works Every successful app goes through big changes. In the beginning, WhatsApp was just a simple app to exchange messages for free, while now it has become an all-encompassing service. And now the app … Read more

WhatsApp: what’s new we’ll see in the coming months

From dark mode to the new Picture-in-picture mode: here are all the updates that will be released on WhatsApp To become the most used application in the world you need to please users and release new features very continuously. WhatsApp knows this well: developers are always working to add features and improve those already present. … Read more