If you have one of these smartphones you can try HarmonyOS

Fourth batch of recruitment for the internal beta of HarmonyOS, which arrives on 14 more models. Meanwhile, the first numbers on the adoption of the new OS are emerging Over 100 products including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other types of devices will be able to download HarmonyOS by the end of the year, to … Read more

Microsoft gives away 28 games: how to download them on PC

To attract more and more users to its platform, Microsoft is giving away 28 titles for Windows 10 computers and Xbox One. Here’s what they are and how to download them A great opportunity for gaming lovers has arrived: on the Microsoft Store, until June 7, you can download 28 free games for Windows 10 … Read more

What to expect from Google I/O 2019

What’s new to be announced during Google I/O 2019? Here are some of the most anticipated topics for the May 7 conference May is here and, like every year, the appointment with Google I/O is approaching. The conference dedicated to developers targata Big G is traditionally held in the first half of May and, of … Read more

They hacked Twitch: what streamers and users risk

The data of hundreds of millions of Twitch users has been stolen, including credit card data: what happened and what is at risk After several rumors that chased each other throughout the day yesterday, following a message posted on Twitter by a cybersecurity researcher, there is now official confirmation: Twitch has been hacked and all … Read more