IPhone X for 1 euro: it’s a scam. How to defend yourself

On Facebook, through fake articles directed to malicious sites, is running a new scam that promises users an iPhone X for one euro When something seems really impossible to be true, it is most likely because real is not at all. That’s the logic to take into consideration when we read about unrepeatable offers online … Read more

How to make private Instagram Stories

Do you want to make private Instagram Stories? You can create your own list of restricted friends to share your content with. Find out the procedure Instagram Stories have been a huge success: instagrammers can no longer do without them. In fact, the company reported that there are more than 250 million users who constantly … Read more

How to find out which ransomware has infected your PC

There are several tools on the Internet, some even free and very effective, to identify the ransomware that has affected your computer. Here’s which one to choose Ransomware, malware that encrypts devices and demands payment of a ransom in return, is one of the most dangerous threats, especially for businesses. To try to unlock infected … Read more

What the new Apple iMac 2021 with M1 chip looks like

After nearly 10 years since the introduction of the previous generation of iMacs, the last one based on Intel architecture, Apple has taken the plunge and shown the world the new iMac 2021 based on the new “System on Chip” (SoC) M1. The same SoC, therefore, already used on the new 13-inch MacBook Air and … Read more