The best running watches to buy

The sportwatches for running are devices designed for running and fitness enthusiasts, with solutions suitable for amateur runners and devices aimed at the most demanding professional runners. Obviously, an indispensable feature is GPS, to get a flawless position and accurate performance readings, and we should not underestimate the fitness tracker functions such as heart rate … Read more

How to hide photos and videos on Android smartphones

We all have “sensitive” photos and videos that no one else should see, and Google has released a feature in Google Photos that helps us protect them: it’s the “locked folder” Our smartphones contain a priceless treasure: our photos, our videos, our memories. A treasure that, sometimes, must be protected from prying eyes. There are … Read more

How to watch streaming River-Boca return Copa Libertadores 2018

At 9pm on DAZN will air the Superclasico that will award the Copa Libertadores 2018. Here’s how to follow the match on TV and live streaming for free This is not a match like the others. And not only because it will assign the Copa Libertadores 2018 (the equivalent of the Champions League in South … Read more