TV rights Serie A 21-24 to DAZN: how to watch the matches

Agreement made in Lega Serie A: for the next three years the matches of the Italian soccer league will be streamed on DAZN, here’s how. After a long and complex negotiation and several black smoke, the assembly of the Serie A League has decided: the TV rights for the live broadcasting of the matches of … Read more

Pizzas in space with Chef 3D, NASA’s robot pizza maker

The smart device can print up to 12 pizzas in less than five minutes. It can also be used by astronauts on missions When people talk about 3D printers, they rarely think of food. One imagines rather large and complex machines that, connected to a computer, model and create hi-tech objects. Soon, however, thanks to … Read more

Netflix: 3 movies to watch in the Christmas vacations

The last days of the year are perfect to watch a good movie together with the whole family: here are three titles to enjoy in streaming. The Christmas vacations of 2020 we will remember for a long time: they are the ones we dedicated to relax on the couch and have fun inside the walls … Read more