Elemnt, the bike computer that communicates with your smartphone

Small and light, Elemnt Mini is a bike device that connects with your smartphone and also allows you to view messages and calls Bike enthusiasts¬†can also count on numerous electronic devices. From smart helmets to satellite navigation tools and anti-theft devices, the choice is vast. The Elemnt Mini, a bike computer, has been added to … Read more

WhatsApp: how to lock account in case of stolen phone

Your phone was stolen and you want to lock WhatsApp? There is an official procedure that also allows you to restore chats. Here’s how to do it Your phone was stolen. Now all your data is at the mercy of your robbers. You wish you had entered a more secure password for the key lock … Read more

Fortnite, Season 9 coming today: here’s what we know

A Season that will most likely have to do with time, especially with a¬†journey to the future In these hours Fortnite servers should be offline, because, if the calculations are not wrong, Epic Games should release Season 9 of the Battle Royale. Users should be able to start playing the title again between 12 and … Read more