Fitbit Premium, the subscription service that helps you lose weight

Fitbit Premium is a subscription service that provides tips on how to lose weight and how to workout. Available from September, but not in Italy To lose weight, in addition to using technological devices that monitor our physical activity, we must also use the right applications. Fitbit, a company specializing in the field, has gone … Read more

Cos’è la cellula Pac Man, creata per imitare quelle del corpo umano

La cellula Pac Man è realtà: realizzata in laboratorio una cellula artificiale in grado di ingerire, processare ed eliminare materiali organici. I ricercatori dell’Università di New York e Chicago hanno sviluppato delle strutture artificiali, in tutto e per tutto somiglianti a delle cellule, che sembrano riuscire ad imitarle anche nelle funzioni. Dopo decenni di ricerche, … Read more

Why does my phone get slower over time?

Everyone has noticed a slowdown on their smartphone after months or years of use, here’s how we can solve this situation Unless we are among the consumers who change smartphone every six months, it’s normal after a while to notice performance drops on our mobile device. In particular, after a few months we start noticing … Read more

WannaCry, tools arrive to get files back

Two cybersecurity experts have developed software that in part allows users to decrypt machines affected by the ransomware It’s a race against time. Computer security experts from around the world are working to try to find the authors of WannaCry, the infection that started on May 12 and spread like wildfire to more than 150 … Read more