How the Culture Bonus works on Amazon

If you turned 18 years of age in 2019, you can take advantage of the incentives of the Bonus Cultura program, benefiting from a bonus of 500 euros to spend to buy a range of items and services, such as books, eBooks, museum and concert tickets. The voucher is also valid to buy some products … Read more

Netflix, as of December 1 no longer works on these devices

The video streaming service will stop working on older Roku boxes and Vizio and Samsung smart TVs. No use waiting for software updates The end of Netflix is coming. No, Reed Hastings’ streaming platform isn’t closing its doors. On the contrary, despite increasingly fierce competition (Apple TV+, Disney+ and, most recently, Quibi), Netflix is ready … Read more

Fortnite, now you can also see movies: it starts with Inception

Night Cinema is a new event available on Fortnite. For the first date there will be a screening of the film Interception by Nolan It is called “Cinema Night” and is the new series of events organized by Epic Games to make Fortnite more and more special. As you can guess from the name, players … Read more

PS5, DualSense controller also works on Android and PC

Differently from what Sony itself declared, according to a youtuber it is possible to use the DualSense controller not only with the PlayStation 5 but also with many other compatible devices The DualSense controller of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 can also be used with Android devices and on PCs. As revealed by some information … Read more

News of Android Q and how to download it on Google Pixel

Android Q is the tentative name of Android version 10.0, which is expected to launch after the summer. In fact, its real name has not been released yet. All that is known is that it will be the name of a dessert, as has become tradition. Last year’s version, in fact, was called Pie, while the … Read more