Facebook is no longer free: here’s why

Since early August, the words “It’s free and will be free forever” have disappeared from Facebook to make way for “It’s fast and easy.” What’s changed? Here’s why Facebook’s home page changed at the beginning of August, though almost no one noticed since most of us log in directly to our personal profiles. However, if … Read more

WannaSmile, the program that makes you safe from WannaCry

To protect yourself from Wannacry, you just need to install a simple program that immediately blocks the ransomware virus attack The Wannacry danger seems to be over, at least for the moment. After infecting over 300,000 devices in more than 150 countries around the world (most of them in Russia and China), the hacker attack … Read more

Huawei Nova 7, new low-cost smartphones coming: the features

Huawei is ready to introduce the new family of Nova 7 smartphones. These are three low-cost smartphones with interesting features: here’s how they are Huawei is preparing to launch the new series of low-cost Nova 7 smartphones. According to numerous rumors online, obviously not confirmed by the Chinese giant, on April 7 Huawei will announce … Read more