Bioo Pass, the plant with Internet connection

A Spanish start-up has created a prototype plant pot that uses photosynthesis energy to recharge your smartphone Until now, plants have helped humans by providing oxygen, but now they could do even more: they could allow you to connect to the Internet. No, it’s not a science fiction movie scenario but what we can do … Read more

The best bluetooth speakers of 2019: features and models

Before writing this article, we have tested the most popular models of Bluetooth speakers on the market, we have evaluated the pros and cons of each of them and have compiled for you our personal ranking of the best portable Bluetooth speakers, so as to give you a concrete and fast hand in choosing the … Read more

Home internet only: how to find the best offers without phone

A guide to be able to choose between home internet promotions proposed by operators. Here are the clauses and conditions of contracts read carefully before signing the contract Choose the connection technology: ADSL or fiber? Before this step there are assessments to be made. The question is now unavoidable: fiber or ADSL? In reality there … Read more

Poste down, app and home banking don’t work: what’s going on

The Post Office has been down since 21:30 this evening: the app and the home banking service don’t work and you can’t carry out any operation Since 21:45 on June 16, the BancoPosta app and the home banking service from the PC have been down: those who try to access them can’t complete any operation, … Read more