Microsoft is the best tech company of 2021, the worst will amaze you

Yahoo Finance has compiled the ranking of the best and worst tech companies of 2021: the best is Microsoft, the worst is also the most talked about This year too, it’s time for report cards for the Tech companies of 2021 and Yahoo Finance has taken care of it based on market performance and results … Read more

Where to see Serie A matches live streaming

Italians have always loved soccer, they cheer for their favourite team and they want to see all Serie A matches and, now, it is possible to do it both at home and away. Seven top positions to fly in Europe, four in the Champions League and three in the Europa League. In the opposite half … Read more

Which heart rate monitor to buy for sports

The heart rate monitor is an indispensable device for sports, as it allows you to monitor your heart rate during training, avoiding health risks and controlling your physical performance accurately. Today there are many different models, from wearables such as activity trackers and smartwatches to professional devices with integrated band. Let’s see which heart rate … Read more

From 2020 change the conditions of telephone contracts: the novelty

A new regulation of the European Union requires telephone companies to present customers with a summary framework easy to understand From December 21, 2020, signing a telephone contract will be clearer, easier and above all transparent for all citizens of Europe. This is what the new Regulation of the European Commission establishes, which obliges telephone … Read more