Facebook colleziona i dati delle chiamate e degli SMS su Android

Grazie alle segnalazioni di alcuni utenti, Ars Technica ha scoperto che Facebook raccoglie i dati delle chiamate e degli SMS su Android. Il social smentisce Dopo essere stata scossa dallo scandalo “Cambridge Analytica”, Facebook deve fronteggiare una nuova accusa che riguarda il trattamento e la protezione dei dati personali degli utenti. Ars Technica, blog statunitense … Read more

How many devices can be associated with DAZN

The streaming platform DAZN allows you to associate to a single up to six different devices. The devices that can take advantage of simultaneous viewing on DAZN are instead two. We are at that time of year when more and more sports fans begin to inquire about how to follow the major leagues. And if … Read more

How to remove Chrome extensions

Installing Chrome extensions is child’s play, but when it comes time to remove one you sometimes don’t know how to do it: don’t worry, here’s the procedure The Chrome Web Store has all kinds of them. They allow you to take advantage of the services of the Google ecosystem in a few steps, from Translator … Read more