How to check the status of your Apple warranty

If your iPhone, iPad or Mac is not working you can easily check if your warranty is still active and ask for assistance. In recent years, technology has developed exponentially, with particular reference to Apple-branded products such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. However, it may happen that these devices, as well as all … Read more

The Gulf Stream is on the brink of collapse: what are the consequences

Such a collapse would have a disastrous impact on global weather systems. A new analysis of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation revealed that it would suffer “an almost complete loss of stability.” One of the most important ocean current systems for regulating climate in the Northern Hemisphere could be on the brink of total collapse … Read more

Windows 10, new problems with latest update

Users continue to experience problems with the latest Windows 10 update. Here’s what to do to get back to using your PC It was supposed to “fix all the problems” caused by previous Windows 10 updates, but it’s creating a slew of new ones. And Microsoft couldn’t help but admit them, urging users to uninstall … Read more