Chrome, Tab Groups arrives, the feature everyone was waiting for

Chrome adds a tool to group all open tabs and save space for users. Here’s how it works After many requests from users around the world Google is about to release a very useful feature on Chrome: tab grouping. Unfortunately, however, it’s going to do it in the worst way and, undoubtedly, less useful than … Read more

WhatsApp takes up too much memory: what to do

The messaging application takes up a lot of space in the memory of the smartphone, especially if we download a lot of photos and videos WhatsApp has many useful features that allow you to make the most of your smartphone. But it also has some big problems that undermine the proper functioning of the device. … Read more

Meitu, the Chinese photo editing app that steals all your data

It’s the hottest selfie app of the moment but it has been discovered, unfortunately, that it puts the privacy of those who use it at risk Who would have thought it. Meitu, the application that transforms photographed subjects into characters from a Japanese comic book, is in the eye of the cilone. The application made … Read more