Twitter memes can hide malware

Trend Micro has discovered a new type of malware that spreads through memes on social networks. Here’s how to defend yourself Even memes can hide a malware, a virus or other malicious code that can infect your computer. This was revealed by Trend Micro, a company that produces a well-known antivirus and that discovered how … Read more

What are paid services and how to deactivate them

Paid services can be deactivated by users and you can also request a refund. Here’s how to do it Have you ever received an SMS saying “Paid service activated: weekly subscription cost is 5.00 euro”, without your consent? Don’t worry, you are not the only ones. It’s an experience that everyone has had at least … Read more

How to cancel your subscription to Now TV

In this article we will explain what is the correct procedure to perform the cancellation of Now TV. Discover with Libero Tecnologia how to do it. Cancelling a subscription is not always a simple operation: often it can be a cumbersome and long pocedimento. In reality, canceling the subscription of Now TV is not at … Read more