How to create a professional website on your own

The first step to increasing your online presence and launching advertising campaigns is to create a professional website, even on your own: here are the useful tools The physical storefront is no longer enough in the age of digital and online services: you need a professional website. Whether you want to consolidate the online presence … Read more

WhatsApp, here are filters for photos and the ability to send money

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android have been included filters to edit images taken with the camera present within the application All major applications have beta versions where new features and functionality are tested. If they are well received by the users, the new features are then transferred to the official application. This … Read more

How to check if your Netflix account has been stolen

Like any profile, Netflix’s can be hacked. When in doubt, before raising the alarm, it’s a good idea to check. Let’s see how Netflix, one of the most important platforms for the fruition of multimedia entertainment content in the world, is often subject to hacking. And this is mainly because it allows more people to … Read more