How to turn an Android smartphone into a car camera

Dash cams are the car cameras. If we don’t have enough money, we can use an old smartphone. Here’s how to do it Frequently and willingly when we buy a new smartphone we tend to give away or sell the old device at a low price. If we own an Android phone, however, before replacing … Read more

ESight 3, the visor for people with severe vision impairment. Photo

It is a particular device designed for those people considered as legally blind, and in the future it could be inserted in glasses or contact lenses A visor can change the world. No, we’re not talking about virtual reality and the like but the eSight 3, a particular device, equipped with a camera with high-resolution … Read more

IPhone 12, in the box will be missing headphones and charger

According to the British bank Barclays in the packaging of the iPhone 12 there will be no room for either headphones or charger. Here’s why From the cheap iPhone to economizing on the iPhone is a short step. At least so it would seem to read the news from a recent report by the British … Read more