Android smartphones, here comes facial recognition like iPhone X

From 2018 most Android phones will be equipped with a facial recognition scanner, the same one used by Apple for Face ID on iPhone X Fingerprint sensors might have a very short lifespan on phones. According to a new report by DigiTimes, in fact, from 2018 even Android smartphones will be equipped with face recognition … Read more

Apple, iPhone 9 will have a stylus like the Note 8

The Cupertino company is working to implement the Apple Pencil inside the next smartphone. Will we see it on the iPhone 9? The Galaxy Note 8 could soon have a very fearsome opponent. We’re not talking about the iPhone 8, coming out in the next few days, but the iPhone 9. In fact, according to … Read more

Apple new program to repair your own devices: how it works

Apple has expanded its pilot project by simplifying the procedures to become a Certified Service Center. Here’s how to join the initiative Apple has made available to its customers a new program aimed at simplifying the repairs of iPhones out of warranty. Apple announces a change of course, allowing more service centers, both large and … Read more

What is it and how does Tivùsat work

Tivùsat is the free alternative to watch digital terrestrial channels without problems. Here’s how it works and which channels are available Free TV doesn’t just mean digital terrestrial TV, just as satellite TV doesn’t just mean Sky. Not everyone knows it, but there is also Tivùsat, a satellite platform on which dozens of free TV … Read more