Cos’è il Servizio Civile Digitale da 439 euro al mese

Nel Recovery Plan spunta il Servizio Civile Digitale per 4500 giovani tra i 18 e i 29 anni, ecco di cosa si tratta e come funzionerà. Si chiama Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR), ma è meglio conosciuto come “Next Generation Italia” o ancor meglio come “Recovery Plan“, ed è il piano messo a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A32: the low cost 5G is ready to launch

It’s just a few days away: the Samsung low cost A32 5G is ready and has received the certifications, the arrival on the market is getting closer Samsung is ready to launch its first low cost 5G smartphone, Galaxy A32. After the first rumors arrived on the network in recent months, the time for the … Read more

Google Nest Hub 2 has gestures and monitors sleep with a radar

Google’s new smart video hub is now controlled without touch, thanks to a radar that also tells us how we slept last night. The official announcement is here. Google Nest Hub 2 has become reality and is ready to enter the homes of those who do not want to give up an all-rounder assistant with … Read more