A swarm of microscopic robots capable of defeating cancer

Phillips Innovative Technologies researchers have developed robots to fight cancer without tissue damage or side effects Scientists have always tried to harness the capabilities of robots in medical procedures. So today we have little robots that can inject a drug into an eye or robots that can play their part in operations. And now there … Read more

Nokia drops the poker of smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2018

Not only Nokia 8110. The Finnish manufacturer arrives in Catalonia with a poker of smartphones and all the intention of taking back what was its place The Mobile World Congress 2017 marked, for Nokia, the moment of rebirth. After a few years away from the mobile phone scene, the historic Scandinavian manufacturer was back with … Read more

Jolt: all about the new movie with Kate Beckinsale on Prime Video

Amazon has announced the release on July 23 of the new revenge movie that will keep you glued to your seat. On July 23, a new action movie is coming out on Amazon Prime Video that calls for tension right from the title: Jolt (scossa in Italian). The beautiful British actress, Kate Beckinsale, is the … Read more