The top of the range smartphone for nostalgic

They have been talking about it since August last year, but now the project seems to be in the home stretch: 5G, excellent cameras and physical keyboard. BlackBerry is back in charge with a new high quality smartphone. For the big occasion, the choice has fallen on a top-of-the-line model equipped with a physical keyboard, … Read more

Facebook launches new tools for emergencies and users in distress

Facebook, on the occasion of the first Social Good Forum, announces new tools to enable users to help each other in case of natural disasters, crises or abuse Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg explains in the opening video of the first Social Good Forum, is a community of users who often use the social network to … Read more

New Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablets challenge Apple iPad

Unveiled on the Chinese market, the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Pro and Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G will give Samsung and Apple’s models a run for their money. After taking the podium as the first smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi now aims at the tablet market and after three years of silence comes … Read more

Tricks to sell your used smartphone

We decided to switch to the new model of our smartphone but we would like to amortize the expenses: here’s how to do it by selling the old phone Most users like to change smartphone quite frequently to have more and more performing and innovative models. If we do not want to spend too much to … Read more

Stop animal experiments: from Harvard the 3D printed heart

3D printing applied to the medical field is not new. Harvard, however, is one step closer to creating fully synthetic organs ready for humans Harvard University announces the first fully 3D-printed “Organ-On-Chip” with built-in sensors that allow researchers to study the contraction force of heart muscles. Is this the end of animal testing? Organ-On-Chips – … Read more

Iceland could be the tip of a submerged continent

The theory would explain the characteristics of the area’s ocean floor. The nation would be a remnant of a territory the size of Texas, called Icelandia, that sank in the Atlantic Ocean 10 million years ago Iceland would be the tip of an ancient continent that was submerged 10 million years ago by the Atlantic … Read more