WhatsApp scams, what are they and how to defend yourself

WhatsApp is the favorite target of scammers: every day thousands of users are scammed or download malware and viruses Scams on WhatsApp are a real social plague. With more than a billion active users every month, WhatsApp is the most used application on your smartphone and for this reason it has become the preferred tool … Read more

Xiaomi Mi 11: il primo top di gamma 2021 è low cost

Il nuovo smartphone flagship di Xiaomi è stato svelato al pubblico: ecco come è fatto, quanto costa e quando arriva. Il giorno di Xiaomi Mi 11 è arrivato: l’azienda cinese ha svelato al pubblico design, caratteristiche tecniche e prezzo del suo top di gamma 2021. Un dispositivo che ha due enormi responsabilità sulle spalle: la … Read more

Sony, coming soon the transparent smartphone

The Japanese company has filed a patent for a phone with a screen that can become transparent if necessary and is also foldable, here’s how it works According to Huawei and Samsung, the future of smartphones will be foldable, but the latest patent filed by Sony tells us about a project for a phone even … Read more

IOS 13.5, faster facial unlocking, even with a faceplate

Apple is working on a viable alternative to FaceID to use when wearing a faceplate. Here’s how it works Face ID is one of the most popular features among Apple users, who love to unlock their iPhone by mirroring themselves in the device like modern-day Narcissus. The Covid-19 emergency, however, has changed everything: with the … Read more