Sky, how to request the discount on the subscription for Sport and Football

Sky launches a new initiative for its customers: discount on the Football and Sport packages until May 31, 2020. How to request it Sky’s initiatives continue in favor of its subscribers to better face this difficult period. After launching two new cinema channels visible to all subscribers (both on satellite and on digital terrestrial) and … Read more

How much does Ninja, the Fortnite champion earn

Ninja, the world’s strongest player on Fortnite, revealed in an interview with CNN that he earns $10 million thanks to sponsors and subscriptions Transforming one’s passion into a job is the dream of any person. And Tyler Blevins, a 27-year-old American who grew up in Chicago, has succeeded. Many of you may be wondering who … Read more

Galaxy S10: the first official images

On the Net have appeared the first images of the next three models of Samsung Galaxy S10. Super AMOLED screen without edges and also without notch, this is how they will be After the latest rumors emerged on the Net about the new three models of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, here on the network appeared … Read more