Disney+: le novità in arrivo a gennaio 2021

Il nuovo anno inizia al meglio per il pubblico della piattaforma streaming: in arrivo tanti film, serie, corti e documentari. Ecco i titoli Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico Laureata in astrofisica, giornalista scientifico e content editor SEO, scrive di tecnologia per magazine online e carta stampata. Nel 2020 approda a Libero Tecnologia Il futuro della piattaforma … Read more

Sony launches Xperia Touch, the smart projector that uses Android

The Sony Xperia Touch thanks to some sensors that track the movement is able to make touch every surface. It will arrive in Europe in spring Not only smartphones, Sony has chosen the stage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to present also an interactive projector: the Xperia Touch. This is a device that, compared … Read more

BadPower, the virus that sets smartphones on fire

Chinese researchers have demonstrated that a simple virus is enough to tamper with the smartphone charger and set it on fire One of the most sought-after technological innovations of the moment in consumer electronics, especially on smartphones and tablets, is fast charging. The Lenovo Legion Pro that’s coming to market, for example, can be recharged … Read more

Google Maps updates with an innovative feature

Google Maps updates with a new section that makes it easier to choose a route to your destination. Here’s how it works Google Maps continues to update. After launching the new icon to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary and adding some new tools, the developers are already ready to release a new feature. This is a … Read more

WhatsApp, privacy problem: private groups may end up on Google

Thousands of links to WhatsApp groups and profiles have ended up in Google’s search results and it’s not clear why: here’s what WhatsApp says. WhatsApp groups, for better or worse, have always been a place to chat privately without anyone being able to stick their nose in conversations. Unfortunately, they are also often used for … Read more