Why the alarm sounded on the International Space Station

The smell of smoke and burning plastic woke up astronauts along with an alarm. What happened on the International Space Station. The ISS, a.k.a. the International Space Station, never ceases to make people talk. Just before the day of commemoration of the attacks of September 11, 2001, CNN recalled the story of Chandler Keller, the … Read more

Bluetooth, scoperta nuova falla di sicurezza

I ricercatori della Carneige Mellon University hanno scoperto una nuova falla di sicurezza nello standard: a rischio l’uso del Bluetooth nei luoghi affollati Quanto è sicuro il Bluetooth? In teoria molto, ma in pratica non così tanto. Anche se milioni di utenti nel mondo usano la connessione Bluetooth per collegare due dispositivi o per trasferire … Read more

TikTok: Parents will be able to control their children’s accounts

TikTok introduces the new Family Pairing feature to allow parents to control their children’s activity on social. Here’s how it works TikTok was, without a shadow of a doubt, the social (and other) takeover of 2019. In the space of a very few months, the Chinese social platform has seen its number of users grow … Read more

Smartphones and security: these Pins should never be used

Discover the list of the world’s most widely used and therefore risky smartphone PINs. If yours is on there, change it right away. Find the procedures inside the article The PIN is one of the most effective and simple methods to block any intrusions inside your online account, computer or mobile device. Among these, the … Read more