What to do if your credit card is cloned

If from the statement of account you realize that the credit card has been cloned, the first thing to do is to block it to stop the fraudster’s spending Credit cards are very convenient, they allow you not to have to carry large sums of money in your wallet and facilitate the payment of expenses. … Read more

TikTok, comes the stop in the U.S.: soon a decree of Trump

Donald Trump has decided to block the use of TikTok in the United States: too high a risk to national security He had announced it in previous weeks and now he has done it: Donald Trump is ready to block the app TikTok in the United States through a presidential decree. The President of the … Read more

WhatsApp, from animated stickers to QR code: here are the latest features

WhatsApp updates with five new features: some are already available, others will arrive soon. Here’s what they are Continually updating the application is one of the goals that WhatsApp pursues and the continuous release of new versions, especially in beta, proves it. After improving video calling and making the application more livable by limiting the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A12s: the new low cost is coming

It is a slight update of the model currently on sale on which, however, there are many assumptions and few certainties: here are some specifications and especially the price Not even a year after the presentation of Galaxy A12, to hear what is rumored on the web, Samsung would be close to the officialization of … Read more