How to use VPN in Italy legally and without limits

Is using VPN legal? Many users ask themselves this question before installing the so-called Virtual Private Network, even often postpone the decision, promising to learn more and understand better how it works. The doubts are mainly related to the fact that this tool is illegal in several countries of the world, especially those characterized by … Read more

How smartphones have changed our habits

In the last ten years smartphones have changed our lives, but at the same time the risks to privacy have increased Let’s stop for a moment and try to imagine how our lives were before Steve Jobs invented the first smartphone. In fact, almost ten years have passed since the founder of Apple presented the … Read more

Samsung patents a smartphone with a sliding screen

The Korean manufacturer continues to experiment with new formats for its smartphones: the new patent shows the successor to Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip? Comes from Samsung the new frontier of smartphones, through a recent patent registered in the United States. This is a phone with a sliding screen and completely able to cover … Read more

How to pay cash on Amazon with Ricarica in Cassa

Amazon has created a new service, called Ricarica in Cassa, that makes it super easy to manage and reload gift certificates with payments on SisalPay Amazon has announced a new service:┬áRicarica in Cassa. This is a tool that allows customers to easily top up their account’s gift certificate balance by purchasing in cash at over … Read more