LG, foldable phone with two screens coming in February

During the Mobile World Congress, scheduled to take place in Barcelona in the last week of February, LG will unveil its foldable smartphone. With the trick LG will present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February a foldable smartphone. 2019, therefore, confirms itself as the year of the “foldable”. To reveal it in … Read more

What are super malware and how to defend yourself

Super malware are platforms capable of launching and managing thousands of hacker attacks with invisible viruses simultaneously Considering the numerous dangers that the web hides, which have grown especially in recent years, it is necessary for users to be able to defend themselves. Hackers have several weapons at their disposal, which have become more and … Read more

L’iPhone pieghevole avrà uno schermo OLED di LG

Apple avrebbe chiesto aiuto a LG per progettare il primo iPhone pieghevole: ecco cosa si sa al momento sul melafonino foldable. Se un tempo il dubbio era se Apple avrebbe mai fatto un iPhone pieghevole, adesso sembra proprio che la domanda sia diventata come sarà tale smartphone foldable. Sempre più fonti, infatti, danno ormai per … Read more