App Store, Apple toasts the new year with record sales

Apple’s online store has set a new record: on New Year’s Day alone, it collected over $240 million, 40% more than in 2015 Despite a 2016 below expectations, with sales of the new iPhone 7 that did not take off, Apple toasts the new year with record sales of the Apple Store. In fact, on … Read more

All the differences between NanoCell and OLED

Technological progress has undoubtedly significantly improved the quality of our lives. Not only in strictly functional aspects, but also in areas related to luxury and entertainment, including that of televisions. Today, to buy a new TV or a monitor for our PC, we have to evaluate between different solutions and models, which use different and … Read more

Euronics scam, the company warns: beware of the fake SMS

Euronics launches the alarm: do not open the SMS that assures you that you have won a prize, it is a scam. How to defend yourself The large electronics and appliances chain Euronics warns: a scam is underway through fake SMS┬áthat, in the name of Euronics, invite people to follow a link that leads to … Read more

Netflix subscription will be able to be paused

Netflix is testing a new feature that allows you to suspend your subscription for up to 10 months. Here’s how it works In May of this year, Netflix began deactivating accounts that had been inactive for more than a year, to prevent subscribers from paying for a service they don’t use. The streaming giant is … Read more