Android One in Italy: low-cost smartphones coming in July

Thanks to the company General Mobile, the low-cost smartphones of the Android One project arrive in Italy, guaranteeing timely updates Android One is Google’s project to bring its smartphones even in the poorest nations of the world. The Mountain View company provides companies that want to be part of the project with the software and … Read more

What is maritime roaming and how it works

When you are on board a ship in the open sea, your smartphone or cell phone should not work, because the cellular network signal is absent In early December 2019, Italian mobile phone users (if not all, the vast majority) discovered that foreign roaming is not the only form of roaming that exists. Thanks to … Read more

Smart TV: who needs 120 Hz

One of the parameters that today influences the purchase of Smart TVs, but also smartphones and tablets, is the refresh rate: here’s what it is in a simple way For a few years now we’ve been hearing more and more about refresh rate. For years, decades, the term had remained in the background, for the … Read more

Mario Kart and Tekken coming to smartphones

Mario Kart Tour will arrive by March 2019, while for Tekken the release date is set for February 15, 2017. Here’s what to expect from the two games Smartphones are becoming increasingly important in the strategies of video game development companies. The number of cell phones on the market is far greater than that of … Read more