FIFA 19, un torneo in Giappone con montepremi di 1 milione di dollari

Un torneo in Giappone mette in palio un milione di dollari: si gioca a FIFA 19, rigorosamente su Play Station 4. Un torneo giapponese di eSports mette in palio ben 1 milione di dollari. Si tratta della e.J.League – il cui nome si allunga poi in e.J.League Samsung SSD, grazie alla sponsorizzazione della divisione giapponese … Read more

Google Duplex, the artificial intelligence that calls by phone

Presented during the first day of Google I/O 2018, it perfectly replicates the human voice, complete with interruptions It was one of the many surprises that emerged during Google I/O 2018, a conference dedicated to developers and engineers interested in Big G’s products. To present it was the CEO of the Mountain View company, Sundar … Read more

All-inclusive mobile phone offers under 10 euros

The month of January 2020 is drawing to a close and the mobile phone sector is becoming increasingly convenient. At the moment, in fact, there are several all-inclusive offers for less than 10 euros per month that allow you to get the most out of your smartphone (without giving up a rich data bundle to … Read more

Tim and Vodafone’s eSIMs arrive in Italy: what changes

After a long wait, virtual SIM cards are also arriving in our country. To change operator just take a picture of a QR code Available in the United States already for years, eSIMs are about to arrive in Italy, ie virtual SIM cards that do not need any physical support to connect to the telephone … Read more