Apple, goodbye to AirPower: wireless charging put on hold

Have you been waiting for the Apple Airpower wireless charger? It will never see the light of day. Read why the project has been canceled Apple’s AirPower charging is being retired before it’s even hit the market. Introduced in 2017 along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, this device was supposed to allow you … Read more

Huawei, the new operating system appears online: how it will be

Huawei has filed the name of the future mobile operating system at the European patent office: it will be called Ark OS The new mobile operating system of Huawei could arrive very soon, even during next fall in conjunction with the launch of the new Mate 30, the top of the range on which the … Read more

Huawei P40 gets three: how the Chinese smartphone will look like

The Huawei P40 could be made in three different models that differ in screen size and technical features. Here’s what they’ll look like The Huawei P40 could come out in three different versions: this is what leaks in the last hours from China, with the news that was published by some well-known journalists in the … Read more