Plot, episodes and characters of the TV series Goliath

For those who are fans of legal drama and are looking for a TV series on this genre, Goliath is the right choice: the plot, the cast and where to watch its episodes. If you don’t know which TV series  to start tonight, it might be a great idea to browse the gallery of Amazon … Read more

Android, Google lancia un widget per i nostalgici

Google ha appena rilasciato un nuovo widget per Android: per attivarlo è necessario aggiornare l’app di Foto e seguire questa procedura. Chi ha l’app di Google Foto installata sul proprio smartphone ogni mattina si sveglia con un ricordo: è una foto degli anni passati, scattata nello stesso giorno di oggi o nella stessa settimana di … Read more

Why birdsong is dying out

The cause would be a reduction in the number of animals and their biodiversity. A study indicates that the soundscape in North America and Europe is dying out. Birdsong is shrinking and getting quieter. This is according to data collected by a study carried out by several European institutions coordinated by the British University of … Read more

Frontiers of science: Implants in the brain to make you see again

In Spain, the experiment that restored sight to a woman who had been blind for 16 years thanks to an implant in her brain and an artificial retina Not even a year ago, the New Atlas published the news that Spanish scientists had created a “bio-hybrid” artificial retina believed to treat, and in some cases … Read more

Zombie iPhone apps, what they are and how to delete them

Have you ever had apps deleted from your iPhone reappear as if by magic? These are the so-called zombie apps, but “killing” them is simple If you were sure you deleted an app from your iPhone only to see it magically reappear out of nowhere, don’t worry. Your iPhone isn’t possessed or infected by a … Read more