What we should expect from CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas will open its doors on January 7: here’s what we should expect from the most important hi-tech brands The CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, one of the most important consumer electronics fairs in the world, is now just around the corner: the events reserved for … Read more

Personal data management: Facebook, Google and Amazon in EU crosshairs

The European Union is reportedly preparing new rules that would require web giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook to share user data with smaller companies. To protect the freedom of the market There are 20 large companies belonging to the technology sector that could soon end up in the blacklist of the European Union … Read more

Mystery of the Milky Way’s largest galactic cloud

The mystery of the Milky Way’s largest galactic cloud discovered by scientists at the edge of the Cosmos. A mysterious galactic cloud, larger than the Milky Way is thrilling astronomy enthusiasts and scholars. The cloud was discovered in an area of the Cosmos called Abell 1367 by a team of researchers led by Ming Sun, associate professor … Read more

Huawei, the smartphones that will receive the Android update

Good news for Hauwei users: the Chinese company’s smartphones released in the last year should receive the update to Androdi Q. Here’s the list Good news for those who have recently bought a Huawei smartphone or are planning to buy one soon: almost all the latest models, not just the top of the range, should … Read more