WindTre kicks off, coverage, offers, customer service, opinions

WindTre is the new mobile operator that takes the place of Wind and Tre. Here are the offers, signal quality, coverage and services offered With the start of the TV commercials we can finally say that Wind and Tre have given birth to the new operator WindTre. This is the name chosen by the two … Read more

Facebook, two-step authentication used to suggest friends

Bad news on the privacy front for Facebook. This time in the middle are the phone numbers entered by users for two-factor authentication A great habit, able to increase the security of our Facebook account by a lot, is actually also used to violate our privacy. This is the two-factor authentication (2FA), which Facebook has … Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero W, the 10 euro mini computer with Wi-Fi

The UK company is famous for creating small calculators, ideal for making basic robots, and now it has designed one with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Imagine a computer about the size of a piece of paper, equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and costing only 10¬†euros. This is the latest project born in the Raspberry Pi house. … Read more