Yap: what it is, how it works, costs, how to recharge

Designed for younger people (it can be requested from 12 years old and up), Yap is an Italian mobile bank that provides users with a virtual debit card The “smart” rechargeable cards have changed the way we approach money. Untied – in most cases – from banks and various credit institutions, they can be requested … Read more

Le scarpe di Jacobs sono più veloci di quelle di Bolt: cosa c’è dietro

La tecnologia usata dalle scarpe di Jacobs, definite da Bolt “innovazione strana e ingiusta”: il complicato rapporto tra sport e tecnologia. La storico oro olimpico di Marcell Jacobs, primo velocista italiano a salire sul gradino più alto del podio nella specialità 100 metri, sta attirando attenzioni, critiche e dubbi.  Dopo lo spettro del doping alzato … Read more

Netflix: the best 2020 series to review

2020 was an intense year, full of difficulties but also of many TV series to watch and rewatch: here are the most popular titles of 2020 to catch up before the new year. 2020 is almost over. It has been an intense and difficult year that we are leaving behind. Certainly, however, streaming entertainment has … Read more

Summer Block Party, a great event for the Fortnite community

On June 15 and 16, the Summer Block Party will be held in Los Angeles: many activities planned for Fortnite fans. Good news from Epic Games. After launching and explaining in detail what is involved in the update 9 in Fortnite, the developer of video games has in fact announced a major event, to be … Read more