5 types of malicious bots

Not all bots are funny and not all of them can be used to chat online, many are exploited by hackers to generate attacks and scams When we talk about bots almost all of us think of the funny personal assistants that help us on our electronic devices. From Siri to Telegram chatbots. Yet even … Read more

How to hide notifications on the Facebook app

The social platform’s app now allows you to hide some notifications related to groups and other “minor” sections. Here’s how to do it Facebook pulls the brake on notifications: what for years has been one of the most effective tools to continuously bring users to use the app for smartphones, in fact, is now considered … Read more

WiSoccero, the future of soccer is in robots. Photo and video

A U.S. startup has developed WiSoccero, the first robots to reproduce a soccer game with robots. Here’s how it works Think of being able to control every single movement of the players on the field and decide the team’s tactics. Every action can be the decisive one for the victory. And above all, this is … Read more