There’s a planet where a year lasts only 8 hours

It’s one of the lightest of the nearly 5,000 exoplanets known to date. It is GJ 367 b, recently discovered and nicknamed the “feather planet.” An international team of researchers has discovered an exoplanet so close to its star that its surface may be molten. It is GJ 367 b and has a mass half … Read more

Elon Musk wants to open a game store for Tesla cars

The Tesla dad admitted he wants to create an app store for the infotainment system of his electric cars. First, though, he needs to increase sales When you first get into the cockpit of a Tesla, it’s impossible not to notice. The touchscreen display embedded in the dashboard of the car, which reaches up to … Read more

How to mutate smartphone notifications

Every day there are dozens of notifications that arrive on our smartphone from the various apps we have installed: here’s how to mutate them If when you use your smartphone notifications can become a problem, the easiest solution to follow is to mutate them. In just a few steps, whether you have an iPhone or … Read more