In Switzerland, deliveries between hospitals will be made with drones

The project involves three partners: Swiss Post, the Cantonal Hospital Authority and the drone manufacturer Matternet. The first tests Not only Amazon,¬†also other companies have decided to experiment with the use of drones for package delivery. In Switzerland, for example, Swiss Post, the leading postal company, will soon begin using the robotic aircraft to transport … Read more

Nokia D1C, technical specifications of the Finnish Android smartphone

After years of forced absence, the Finnish manufacturer is preparing to return to the smartphone market with a mid-range device The end of the Lumia (smartphones produced by Microsoft after buying Nokia’s mobile division) could mean new life for the famous Finnish manufacturer. After a few years of forced distance from the spotlight, Nokia seems … Read more

Equitalia under attack, the website ends up KO

A hacker attack has put out of use for a few hours the Equitalia website: the company through social channels has immediately apologized for the incident After being finished in the cauldron of political controversy in recent months, Equitalia also ends up in the crosshairs of hackers. In fact, since this morning at dawn, the … Read more