Cashback, from today stop to complaints: what happens now

Stop to refunds for cashback: what happens now August 30 is an important day for those who participated in the State Cashback program: in fact, officially expired the deadline to appeal to Consap in case of transactions not counted, counted and then reversed for suspected behavior “smart”, or counted with the wrong amount of reimbursement. … Read more

How to see Wimbledon 2017 live streaming

From July 3 appointment in London for the most important tennis tournament of the year. Here’s how to follow Wimbledon 2017 live streaming on pc and smartphone With the arrival of summer it’s time for Wimbledon: on July 3 will begin the richest and most awaited tennis tournament of the year. And like every year, … Read more

How to block app tracking on the iPhone

Don’t want iPhone apps sending your data to third-party servers at night? Here’s what to do to block tracking and protect personal data Geoffrey Fowler’s recent investigation in the Washington Post, which showed that in just one week 1.5 GB of data was sent from his iPhone by no less than 5,400 tracking codes embedded … Read more

Bridge, the mixed reality device for the iPhone. Photo and video

The wearable creates an experience for users that combines virtual and augmented reality. Bridge will go on sale in March for $399 Imagine interacting with a virtual robot inside a room. Imagine also opening a door inside a real wall. Science fiction? Absolutely not. Thanks to the new Bridge visor, in fact, we could move … Read more