Samsung Galaxy X, the foldable smartphone coming in 2018

According to some rumors, Samsung could launch the Galaxy X in early 2018. The first prototypes of the foldable smartphone as early as Q3 of 2017 After years of experimentation and continuous rumors, Samsung’s race towards the presentation of the first foldable smartphone seems to have reached a turning point. According to the latest reports, … Read more

The Most Dangerous Android Viruses and How to Defend Yourself

Malware is one of the most dangerous threats to Android devices, in fact it is estimated that it has already affected 2 billion devices worldwide. To protect yourself, you need to install a great paid antivirus, download only apps from the official stores and take immediate action if your device is affected. Here’s a detailed … Read more

Porn videos on YouTube, restrictions circumvented thanks to a flaw

Some adult sites use Google’s video platform as free storage for red light material, exploiting a loophole in the service A cat-and-mouse fight. It’s the one that YouTube has been conducting for years now against the publication of porn content. This time, however, the mouse has found another way to get around the restrictive policies … Read more