IPhone SE 2 coming in 2020: cost and features

According to some rumors, the design of the iPhone SE2 is now in the home stretch. The release date is expected to be in the next spring Beloved by the most ardent fans of the bitten apple brand, the iPhone SE has always been highly appreciated for its compact and contained dimensions. Since 2016, the … Read more

Apple Car? No, Baidu Car

Prima ancora dell’Apple Car potrebbe arrivare la Baidu Car: il gigante cinese del Web e della tecnologia starebbe per entrare nel mercato delle auto elettriche. Dopo le indiscrezioni relative al possibile arrivo dell’auto elettrica a guida autonoma di Apple già entro 5 anni, ora arrivano quelle secondo cui il gigante cinese delle ricerche sul Web … Read more

5 tricks to figure out if your smart TV is spying on you

Did you just buy a smart TV for your home and want to figure out if it’s spying on you? Here’s how to do it and most importantly some tricks to make it safer. You’ve recently purchased a smart TV and can’t wait to try it out and install your favorite apps. As you may … Read more