Intel drones star at Super Bowl 2017 with Lady Gaga. Video

The most watched halftime show on the planet was made magical by the lights and choreography of the Intel quadrirotors that amazed everyone in attendance The Super Bowl you know is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Even more anticipated, however, is the show between times. Those 13 minutes of intermission that … Read more

Apple Music: for students it will cost only 5 euros

The reduced price subscription is coming also in Italy. To get the discount you need to be subscribed to UnityDays and can be used for up to 4 years Good news for music lovers. It will be enough, in fact, just under 5 euros to subscribe to Apple Music, the music streaming service and on … Read more

How to set and change DNS

When we surf the web we take for granted the complex network infrastructure needed for modems, devices, web sites and applications to communicate with each other. On the internet every terminal is identified by a unique IP address, however for greater simplicity a DNS encoding system is used. Let’s see how they work, how to … Read more

WordPress: hackers exploit a flaw, thousands of sites infected

Cyber criminals have carried out an attack against WordPress with the aim of modifying sites to create a spam campaign Hackers have targeted WordPress. Last week the company had tried to remedy a 0-day flaw that put the privacy of its users at risk. Despite this, at the moment thousands of administrators have not updated … Read more