New OPPO charger fills up the battery in 20 minutes

Remote wireless charging or wired and super fast? With OPPO’s new chargers, you’re spoilt for choice. During Mobile World Congress 2021 in Shanghai OPPO showed off its two charging ideas of the future: super fast wired charging and wireless remote charging, with no contact between smartphone and charger. The former is achieved with a charger … Read more

Facebook removes fake profiles with AI-generated photos

Facebook enlisted the help of a social media analytics company to ferret out fake profiles and found some with computer-generated photos Facebook’s tough punch against fake profiles. The Menlo Park-based social network has decided to crack down on the presence of fake profiles with photos of faces created through artificial intelligence that, according to social … Read more

Paying your electricity bill in Bitcoin, now you can

Sorgenia opens to payment in Bitcoin within its store. Today it is possible to pay purchases of devices for the smart home; in the future also bills For the first time in Italy an energy company opens to payment in cryptocurrencies, to be precise in Bitcoin. This is Sorgenia, which is collaborating with Italian startup … Read more